Finding magic in the ordinary

So much stuff has been happening and in the heat of things, I’ve been doing my best to balance it all. One serious issue I’m having is getting up early in the mornings. I used to wake up at 6 when we had basketball practice and now it’s been moved to 8pm on Tuesday evenings, in evidently, without a purpose, I wake up late in the mornings. 7:30am, just before school starts. the first thing I think of when my brain begins functioning is what I’ll do next-wear my pants, sweater and socks, sprint up the hill to get some exercise(it’s funny, last year I woke up an hour earlier and went running everyday-2 laps without fail), grab clean clothes and take a shower, run down for breakfast and rush to class. All this in a span of forty minutes. I get tired even thinking about the lack of surprise awaiting me and flop back to bed. Big mistake, I wake up fifteen minutes later and my time span reduces. I groan, having reduced my time span to 25 minutes.

It strikes me that I’m not being as positive and energetic as I was. I have so much to be grateful for; like water, of any temperature I wish to shower in the morning, a bag of soaps and bathing stuff my mom sent me from India, available breakfast of rice, miso soup, pancake or bread with maple syrup, orange or blueberry jam, eggs and fruit, valuable education at an outstanding boarding school-complete with a projector, whiteboard and markers, paper and pens, an educated teacher with a degree from one of the top universities across the world, so many friends from countries across and everywhere who share the same level of empathy as I do. My parents are constantly texting me to make sure I’m fine and I’ve got more than 150 Facebook friends, from my old schools and current one. I’m in eleventh grade, sophomore year-just one year away from completing my education; and to this day, I’ve always felt valued, loved and cared for.

I look up news, especially pertaining to India on the net and read so much about these murders and child rapes; polluted rivers and death and disease, but I wake up on the side of a mountain to enjoy a beautiful scenic view everyday. My life is as heavenly as it could get. I can’t remember a single night when I went to bed without food to eat. I am lucky beyond belief- not born to a wealthy family or gone to a top notch school; I was never a part of a clique or group, but I’ve always been loved and cared for. That’s the greatest blessing I’ve got. When you wake up and open your eyes tomorrow-no matter what the time, day or weather is-you’ve always got something to be really happy about. Never forget that.


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  1. urbanlifexo says:

    You have a beautiful way of writing šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks! That’s really encouraging šŸ™‚


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