Obsess over your ego; not your dignity.

I’ve discovered one of the first and foremost things every individual needs; that’s self respect. There are lots of things required for a healthy life(which I hardly follow) like a balanced diet, good sleep schedule, exercise, balance between work and play-but for a truly fit mind, you need understanding of your purpose and character. You need to feel comfortable in your skin and clothes, mental state, nationality, religion and anything that makes you up-and you need to accept it the way it is.

In my life there’s someone who messes up this egoism and self respect talk(the guy from the Philippines I keep talking about) and when we were in basketball club the other day, we practiced this Michigan 1 drill(where the offense calls Michigan 1 and the other offence player bangs into the defence, gets loose, receives the ball and shoots) and for some reason I never got the mechanics of that drill, as in where the offence and defence go after shooting and this guy pulled me aside and asked if I got it. I replied no; I was very confused; and he simply told me how it works and commented that I should put in more focus and pay more attention to what was happening. My reaction? I said okay for the time-but back in my room, I cringed and convinced myself he thought I was a useless pathetic midget who can’t do anything right.

Well, I practice my free shots a lot. He’s often complimented me on those. I still chose to believe that he thinks I’m useless. We’ve worked together on history projects and english and even played basketball together, but when he’s on the court, I convince myself I’m no good. Simply because he’s the best player I’ve ever seen. But you know what? I have the capability, I have the talent. I practice for an hour everyday.

If you have a passion for something, don’t let other’s capabilities bog you down. Practice and remember that you are a result of your own choices-and the best person you could ever be if you give in your best shot.


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