Magnificent and missing

My shoes are horrendous. They have large patchy holes in the front where my socks stick out-actually my socks have holes in them too so my toenails stick out and my feet look like a downtrodden villager’s. If you rolled down my socks and pulled up my leggings, you’ll see dried up, flaky and bruised skin with blood clots.

I have no idea how my feet and legs got this way. I always wear full leggings unless we’re in PE or basketball practice when I’m wearing shorts. The only explanation I have is that it’s cold but still, my legs never feel cold. And no one else’s feel get this way often. So there must be something wrong with me. I remember last June when I bought my beautiful new blue Reebok Sneakers-I just tried it on the first time and every inch of it fit perfectly and snugly covered my heels, toes and soles. “I love it!” I exclaimed, running around, and the store lady smiled. It was surprising that I never liked shopping for shoes-I bought books and food, but clothes and shoes were something only my parents bought. When I joined tenth grade in Japan I’d go running every morning, wear long socks and a small shirt, feeling just like a real athlete.

I still love my shoes though. After wearing for a year and a half, they’re just a part of me-and after losing my gorgeous grey gym shoes AND my vans black shoes, these are the only ones I have.

Before you highly mistake me for some spoilt rich kid(who has lost two sets of shoes in a year and a half), losing my grey gym shoes were the school’s fault(I left them over the summer and never got them back) and left my vans shoes outside the sliding window, forgot them over the summer, and likewise didn’t get them back.

I had nothing to write about for this article and thought this would make a good piece. Send me any suggestions or ideas on what to write about; and I’ll let you into the gossip of my life(If there is any) 😉


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  1. Nikita says:

    Surely brought a smile to my face, haha
    Write about your daily adventures, so delightful to know about the happenings in another teens life halfway across the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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