Camping and Uniqlo

This extended weekend marks out two significant events: the first one being  I went to a Uniqlo store. Uniqlo Japan is enormous and branded; you’ve got life sized sweaters, Jackets, mini skirts and Jeans in a wide array of flavours and colours, ranging from Snoopy and Hello Kitty to blue navy and sexy transparent black that those girls from K-pop where. The reason I love branded stores is because I can carry all the gorgeous clothes I like into the tryouts which I’ll never wear because it’s overpriced, or too big(like the strapless black outfit that barely came up to my knees; but goddamn; looked so sexy on me)

Then on Sunday 14 of us went camping to rising field as a part of some volunteer work. It was unbearably cold; I couldn’t keep my hands out of my pockets for longer than 2 seconds. My friends perpetually sat around the fire the whole afternoon, my Spanish friend through rocks and sticks and watched it temporarily blow up, sparks explode, and die down again. There were trees, mud and a big grassy field surrounding us. A couple of us bought marshmallows and roasted them over the fire to make ultra delicious smores(minus the biscuits and chocolate) with hot chocolate to go along with it. It was hundred yen for a packet. Too expensive, I decided, and watched my friends devour their treats. I played football with this adorable Japanese kid who’d lost two of his top front teeth and his parents. Such kind souls, I tell you! With my limited Japanese skills we actually had a long conversation while playing.

At night the sleeping bag wasn’t much help. There were 7 of us cramped in one tent and we were frozen with a zero degree temperature outside. In the boy’s tent someone’s alarm went off at 5 in the morning, not the most enthralling experience. The only service we did was cleaning the toilets on both days, cooking for the barbecue party and putting the stuff away.

I kinda roughed it out living in the wild but I’ll never forget sitting in a circle with my friends around the fire and talking about school and the teachers and showers and whatnot. No wifi and constant music in your years and no electricity really gave me a break, and I needed it.


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