An introverted teen mind

I’ve got a maths and arts test tomorrow, but we’re allowed to use the internet for arts and I’m good at maths so I think I’ll blog today. The countdown is getting closer. Two more days; and I would’ve completed half my high school. Isn’t that fast?

I’ve been thinking about what keeps us alive; and besides the basic needs of every human being-fresh air, nutrition, shelter and clothing, a home to stay and a family to love; imagination and faith are what make us what we are. Especially if you’re introverted or spend lots of time alone, you’re brain is constantly buzzing with activity-you could be talking to yourself or singing or doing something else while you’re alone. Depending on where you’re at, you may imagine your ideal or utopian situation there-probably something you’ve seen in a movie, or read in a book so real, it seems vivid and amazing although it’s just your imagination.

I’ll give you this one real life situation. Most weekends, when i play basketball, i’m hanging around in the gym alone and shooting or practicing layups. Then I imagine the guy I’m hopelessly obsessing over in our grade-he’s pretty much my level at schoolwork like the sciences and social sciences, we have the same Japanese and english skills, but he can knock it out of the court when it comes to basketball. It’s not just that he plays very well(he definitely does, without a doubt) but his facial expressions, foot movements, bounce of the ball and agility of his body-the way he just skims through and dunks the ball into the net-drives me crazy; puts me in awe. When he’s playing; I don’t observe HOW he plays-I look at his gorgeous, lean figure, flip of his hair, those arms and legs, and wish I had the gut to talk to him.

When i get tired and sit on the ball, I look at the vast, empty gym space and imagine us playing together-I’m bouncing the ball, trying to hide it, and he steals it with his arms all around me, jumping on my back and fighting for the ball-and we’re both laughing so hard. It’s the kind of thing you read about in teen fiction or see in high school movies. We’re like that gorgeous, non-existent couple.

I believe these thoughts add flavour and colour to my personality. Being introverted and partially disconnected gives me tons of time for self reflection and imagination; making me perhaps silent and gentle in the real world. But I’m quite different around my friends or teachers.


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  1. Kimberly says:

    Yep… I know the feeling. Daydreams are fun, but they leave you feeling a little empty, wishing they were real. 😦 Those dreams are what push us to better places, though; they’re not always realistic, but they can be inspiring.
    My school runs on an American calendar, so I just finished my first semester of 11th grade/year 12/first A-levels… only 3 more semesters to go for me. It really is fast, isn’t it?


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