From where I left off

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve written. One of my favorite things about blogging platforms is that it connects you to people all over with similar thoughts or topics they’re writing about even if we’ve never met. It feels so fabulous to hear comments of encouragement or congratulations even if you’re miles away.

There are so many reasons I’ve been dormant for this long. I lost touch with writing a year and a half ago, when I partially got engulfed with homework and the IB, and spent the other half my time on physical activity. Last summer I hit this serious runner’s high with my morning runs in the heat, got decent abs with crunches and stretches in my hot yoga class and occasionally practiced a dance routine in the middle of my day. Somehow, I never got tired. I was bursting with energy and enthusiasm and I loved the hot indian summers with cold drinks and movies. Summer is, and has always been, my favorite season I suppose.

Things changed so drastically when I returned back to high school. At school, my diet, habits and lifestyle changed. I didn’t joke around with my friends as much as I did, and ironically enough, homesickness hit me harder than it ever had in the past two years. My roommates had changed and they hardly ever spoke to me. Their habits around sleeping and keeping the room clean were drastically different from mine and there were times I felt rather uncomfortable in there. My addiction to running even through the long freezing winters is one long harsh story. In fact I find it remarkable that I’ve made it all through mid may; even the exams and IB and missing my family. As the year now winds down and I prepare for life after high school, something that frequently comes up is finding time to pause and reflect and think over what my aims are. The big question daunting seniors is often: what’s going to come after high school?

From this August, I will be a fellow at Global Citizen Year, an international bridge year program for students of UWC schools and schools from the USA. Instead of joining college right away, I’ll spend a year working with a local organization in Brazil and live with a host family.  I have been super fortunate to not only be admitted into the program, but genuinely have received a scholarship to spend a year in Brazil.

As a fellow myself, I have the responsibility to raise 5,000 USD towards the organization, called the fellow’s fund. This money will go to other fellows admitted to global citizen year, but cannot afford the fee. This is a part of my summer campaign where I spread the word about GCY, learn a bit about my host country and collaborate with other fellows. Here’s a link to my fundraising page. Please do consider donating any amount. If you are interested, I’ll have a fellow’s blog on the GCY website as well, which you can look through if you’re interested to know more about the program, or my upcoming year. Of course, I’ll try being more active on this blog too.

It felt nice to write after this long. I hope this post may seem like an advertisement, or plea, but do consider visiting the website and my fundraising page. And dear fellow bloggers, thanks for supporting me through my slightly crazy, upside-down journey on the side of a mountain in Japan.


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