Hey there, Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Abha, young, full of life and a bit obsessive. I live in Chennai, India, but my genes and family all date back to Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, but I’d left home at the age of 14(with my parent’s permission, of course!) to study at the International School of Asia, Karuizawa, this residential school on a town 150kms north of Tokyo. However unrealistic this may seem, I don’t have the patience to study, write exams, take notes, or do homework-there’s so much more than just that! I love adventures, trying new stuff and learning new languages. I’m addicted to Japanese Kanji, playing Basketball, ice cream and Starbucks coffee-I love looking going around and exploring things on my own. I have a lot to say about my experiences-Japanese, India and the transition-but I’m pretty bad at socialising, so here’s my blog that covers up the ins and outs of international living!

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